Who should join InfraGard?

InfraGard members work for a variety of organizations that constitute the critical infrastructure of our nation (banks, utility companies, chemical companies, hospitals, telecommunication service providers, universities, and many others). Members often hold management or operational positions related to physical or cyber security, risk assessment, business continuity / disaster recovery, and engineering. By participating in InfraGard, individuals develop relationships with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and local/state law enforcement, as well as relationships with their peers in other organizations.

Benefits of InfraGard Membership

  • Establish a relationship with FBI personnel before you need to call them.
  • Engage a vetted, professional community of representatives from companies that help maintain our national infrastructure and key resources.
  • Gain access to a secure FBI communication network complete with Virtual-Private-Network (VPN) encrypted website, webmail, listservs, message boards and much more.
  • Learn time-sensitive, infrastructure related security information from government sources such as DHS and the FBI.
  • Attend/Host InfraGard Pittsburgh events and FBI presentations on computer intrusions, internet fraud, identity theft, crimes against children and other important topics.
  • Receive invitations and discounts to important training seminars, conferences and other programs.
  • Participate in InfraGard Special Interest Groups - Chemgard (Chemicals / Hazardous Materials), AgriGard (Agriculture & Food) and RTP-Gard (Research and Techology Protection - Defense Industrial Base)
  • Apply for access to the National Communication System (NCS) Government Emergency Telecommunications System (GETS) and Wireless Protocol System (WPS)
  • Read The Chairman's Corner, a quarterly newsletter published by the InfraGard National Members Alliance
  • Best of all, there is no cost to join InfraGard!

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